Conceptual Proposal for an Online International Doctor of Business Administration (IDBA) Degree

AFBE has designed and developed a conceptual proposal to offer this degree program in Asia and other regions.
It is proposed that a partner institution introduce the IDBA degree as part of its program offerings. As such, the IDBA would be approved by the country’s Ministry of Education under that country’s laws and statutes as applied to tertiary institutions. The proposed model would involve the outsourcing of program delivery or part program delivery to AFBE (While also assisting in developing local academic staff).

The initial development of the online format, and further continuous development of the program would be the joint  responsibility of both the AFBE and its local University partner.

The major advantage of the model is that a truly ‘international’ DBA will be delivered using expertise from developed countries. In addition, the partner institution may also provide academic resources for the conduct of the program, either at the start or as the program further develops. Indeed, the only burden initially on the local university is the provision of facilities for teaching visits, administrative resources, and local marketing of the program.

We are currently discussing this model with a number of universities and university bodies in various regions.

As indicated, this is a conceptual model which may or may not eventuate.
The design and development of the model have been undertaken by a sub-committee, chaired by Dr. Victor Egan, AFBE Secretary. Other members are Dr. Chris Perryer, Dr. Apollo Nsubuga-Kyobe, and Professor Brian Sheehan.