The AFBE has recently issued (2012) a book “Business Development in Asia” (174 pages). The book is edited by Chris Perryer and David Plowman. The book is available for US $30 (+ postage). Intending purchasers should contact either Chris Perryer ( or Victor Egan (

Book: Business Development in Asia

Book published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK,
“Advances in Business in Asia, The Opportunities, Threats and Future Trends of Business in China, India, and the ASEAN countries”.

A collection of selected AFBE papers from AFBE Conferences and the AFBE Journal.
Edited by Chris Perryer, Victor Egan & Brian Sheehan, all members of the AFBE Executive Committee.
Copies are priced at : UK Gbp: 34.99; USA Usd:52.99.


Two other members of the AFBE Executive Committee, Brian Sheehan and Jamnean Joungtrakul, have recently (2012) edited a book published by Lambert Academic Publishing, titled “Qualitative Research: Papers on Qualitative Research in Business” (120 pages). Those interested in obtaining this book should contact the publisher on MoreBooks! link. The price is 59.00 € (+ postage).

Book: Qualitative Research


Published in English.

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: Grounded Theory Papers
  • Part 3: Phenomenology Papers
  • Part 4: Case Study Papers
  • Part 5: Methodological Papers

Price: 410 Baht (Thailand), US$ 14 + postage (international)


Published in English.

  • Part 1: Introduction-How To Write an Academic Paper
  • Part 2: Methodological Papers
  • Part3: Research Papers
  • Part 4: Issues Papers
  • Part 5: Appendix Samples of Documents Related to Academic Conferences and Journals

Price: 450 Baht (Thailand), US$ 15 + postage (international)


Published in English.

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: Qualitative Research Papers
  • Part3: Quantitative Research Papers
  • Part 4: Mixed Methods Research Papers
  • Part 5: Methodological Papers

Price: 480 Baht (Thailand), US$ 16 + postage (international)

The above 3 books are edited by 2 members of the Executive Committee of AFBE, Professor Dr. Jamnean Joungtrakul (first editor) and Professor Dr. Brian Sheehan (second editor).

The books are available from BLCI Group