Photo_1_2009_webWelcome to the Asian Forum on Business Education (AFBE) website. AFBE was formed in 1992 as a self-help group of Business Schools located in, or interested in Asia. The underpinning objective of AFBE was to improve the quality of business education across the region. To this end, AFBE conducts annual conferences, publishes an on-line journal, and offers an accreditation system focussed on raising the quality of business school programs.

Much of the credit for AFBE’s achievements over the past 22 years must go to Professor Dr Brian Sheehan, who took on the role of Secretary in 1992, and subsequently became President in 2004. Brian retired as President in February 2015, although he still continues to serve as editor of the AFBE journal.

While business education in Asia has seen great improvements in recent years, there is still much more work to be done. AFBE will continue to contribute to the development of scholarly activity in the region in all aspects of business, management, marketing, economics and related fields, but there is always a need for more “hands at the pump”.

I would encourage scholars interested in AFBE’s objectives to attend our annual conference, or to submit an article to our journal.

Further information about AFBE can be found on this website.

Dr Chris Perryer